Motivating Factors to Volunteers in Hawassa


  • Habtemariam Kassa Wondimneaw Hawassa University
  • Tamirie Andualem Adal Addis Ababa University


protection of all people, stability of society, values, volunteers


The purpose of this study was to investigate the joint and independent contributions of power, security, conformity, tradition, benevolence, universalism, self-direction, stimulation, hedonism and achievement values to the variance in motivation to volunteer. The data were collected from 153 volunteers who were providing volunteer services in Hawassa, Misrak, and Mehal Sub-Cities. Quantitative data analysis was used. Similarly, means, standard deviations, logistic regression, discriminant analyses, item and factor analyses, t-tests, and bar charts were used to examine the data gathered from the two volunteer groups. The study fnding from regression analysis indicated that the three most prominent factors that signifcantly contributed to the variance in motivation to volunteer were: security, universalism, and selfdirection. Analysis which employed structure coeffcients and discriminant analysis nonetheless added stimulation and power as important variables in predicting self-interested motivation to volunteer. These results plainly highlighted that the major contributing factors to self-interested motivation to volunteer were self-expressive orientation variables. In other words, volunteers who displayed self-interested motivation to volunteer if they were not bothered by the stability of society in their relationships, had no value for the protection of all people did not want to avoid the threat of uncertainties by controlling relationships or resources, and were internally interested in personal judgment and uniqueness. This may have implications for volunteering service institutions in that there is a need for an intervention program which is intended to encourage people to develop and internalize other-oriented value priorities for volunteer involvement.




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