A Sociolinguistics Analysis of Jargons Used by Farmers of South Wollo in their Agricultural Activities


  • Ali Damtew Mohammed Wollo University


agriculture activities, jargon, meaning, sociolinguistics analysis


The purpose of this study was to fnd out jargons used by South Wollo farmers in their farming practices. The data were collected from seven districts of South Wollo Zone: Tenta, Mekidela, Kalu, Dessie Zuria, Kutaber, Ambasel and Tewledere. To collect the data, the researcher used open ended questionnaire and focus-group discussion. The data were collected from farmers of South Wollo, and from those people who had background on farming. Similarly, purposive sampling was used to select the study areas, and to select the participants of the study. Likewise, to interpret and analyze the data, qualitative research approach was employed. The researcher found out that farmers in South Wollo have jargon words which they use in their farming practices. These jargon words have been categorized thematically. The farmers do not use the jargon words to switch code from the outsiders, but they use it to make their communication easier. Some of the jargon terms are also used by out-groups, but they are used in differnt contexts and senses. Regarding the types of meanings, denotative, reflected, non-literal (connotative) and social meanings were identifed. Finally, it is recommended that further research should be carried out in the rest of districts of Wollo, and other areas of the Amhara regions.




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