exploring teachers’ grammar teaching Practices in eFl classrooms: grade 9 in Focus


  • gelaneh Melak


Early Grammar teaching practices, EFL teachers, teaching challenges, EFL classrooms


This study explored the grammar teaching practices of EFL teachers in classrooms. A single secondary school was selected purposively. Three EFL teachers were selected based on available sampling technique. Reflective journals and classroom observations were employed as data gathering tools. Qualitative data analysis methods were used. The findings of the study indicated that the teachers presented grammar lessons focusing on revisions, explanations and more example giving practices. Although the teachers reported that challenges came from the learners, the findings of the study indicated that the grammar teaching challenges were found to be orientated with the mismatched grammar teaching practices in the actual classrooms. Considering the overall findings indicated, recommendations have been included that EFL teachers have inadequate knowledge to teaching grammar and they need to have an inward looking about their teaching practices on how to maximize grammar learning to their learners.